Our Products

In line with our primary goal of improving educational outcomes and access, E-Coach Solutions has developed the following products and services.


ecoach.io is a social learning platform that leverages the best of our services and capabilities to foster a community of learners, educators, parents and institutions.


ecoachbooks.com is a digital content authoring, distribution and monetization platfom for educational content publishers as well as an intelligent e-library for individuals.


ecoachtutors.com is a digital marketplace that matches students with private tutors, while also enabling users to request for tutoring at designated ecoach learning centres.


ecoachtests.com is a highly customizable assessment platform that simiplifies test creation, grading and analysis for educators, and test taking for learners.


eTest Drive is a feature-rich customizable and colourfully-branded USB drives that allow for the delivery of rich educational content, tests, notes and games to students in both offline and low-internet contexts. Students literally are able to carry their entire learning history "on-the-go" via our portable and beautiful learning devices.


eCoach Xlabs is an eCoach Solutions initiative geared at teaching computer programming (coding) to all those who have the passion to learn. We teach in a practical and creative way to ensure one learns how to design and develop websites and mobile applications, machine learning, complex algorithms and more. Xlabs is not limited to people who are new to programming, it is open to all irrespective of you level. Make an investment into your future and sign up to Xlabs


ecoachgames.com is a collage of several classic and newly created games and puzzles, which deliver highly personalized learning while users have fun.